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What can Boot Camp Plus do for you?

  • Train Outdoors
  • Lose Weight
  • Increase Fitness
  • Challenge Your Mind + Body

Adelaide's number 1 outdoor fitness program

Why Adelaide's Boot Camp Plus?

Are you ready to challenge yourself? To make a difference in your life and to improve your health and fitness? With Adelaide's Boot Camp Plus CHANGE IS INEVITABLE!

We offer a number of different programs to cater to a range of interests, abilities, and personal goals. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or are an elite sports-person looking for that edge, our outdoor fitness programs are for you!

Programs and Services

Offering Adelaide's premier training in Adelaide's number 1 outdoor gym, discover distinctive natural locations such as the Botanic Gardens, River Torrens, Elder Park, and West Beach.

Boot Camp Plus specialise in a range of tailor-made services including:

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Special Limited Offers

  • Student recruits can enlist in Land Boot Camps for only $110 per mission! This is a limited offer and for full-time students only.

Contact Us to secure your place! Conditions apply.

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